Green nature in the heart of the modern city


When the people of the city became “tired” with the noise, stuffy and dusty, the “settlement” associated with green space is an essential need that many people seek.
Celadon City – The outstanding project of the “green living” trend

Owning an internal park of 16.4ha with a carefully cared green system, Celadon City is evaluated by experts and customers as the outstanding project of the “green living” trend. With the goal of bringing a quality lifestyle, harmony with nature and environment for residents, at the Celadon City project, the selected green color is the color gamut that dominates the overall architecture. Blue is seen everywhere when entering the project: in trees, grass, lake …

Mr. The Son (the customer who ordered the apartment at Block C) shared: “I am very impressed with the green space here, stepping into the project like stepping out to the suburbs so the air is extremely fresh, space it is shady and very quiet ”.

The green city with this clean space is the result of a strategic cooperation of Saigon Thuong Tin Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Sacomreal) and Gamuda Land’s leading real estate group (Maylaysia). Not only providing modern facilities for residents, in the overall architectural design, apartments at Celadon City are arranged neatly in a large campus to help residents and families. have a healthy and healthy living space.

To reinforce a green and quality living environment, each apartment in the project is subject to rigorous appraisal based on CONQUAS’s rigorous evaluation system (Singapore’s work quality assessment system). Gamuda Land is also the unit that achieved CONQUAS’s evaluation scale over 86%, this shows the investor’s high commitment to the quality of the project.

Flexible payment up to 48 months, 0% interest

Converging many outstanding advantages, apartments at Celadon City have reasonable selling prices with a starting point of only 1.54 billion VND. The apartments are also divided into 3 different groups in area and design, giving customers many choices. Gamuda Land Investors also offers flexible payment policies for up to 48 months, 0% interest rate to help customers easily become Celadon City residents. In addition, Gamuda Land also cooperates with Hong Leong Bank, VIB Bank, PVcom Bank to support loans up to 75% of GTCH with an interest rate of only 5.99% for customers in need.

In particular, customers attending the opening ceremony on January 17, 2016 will have a chance to draw lots of valuable gifts such as: Singapore trip, Canon camera, Minh Long porcelain kettle … together with a gift worth only 6 SJC gold for customers who successfully ordered Block C, D apartments right in the program.