The launching ceremony of the international project “Management and recycling of plastics” of Southeast Asia – Europe Network took place at the University of Natural Sciences, Hanoi National University on 23/5/2018. This is the first project on plastic management and recycling of the Southeast Asia – Europe Network in Vietnam and Laos, with a total value of 1 million euros funded by the European Union Eramus +, expected to be deployed in 3 year.

Partners sign a cooperation agreement

Present at the ceremony were representatives of the European Union, Embassy of Germany, Austria, Denmark, representatives of VNU’s leadership and representatives of 10 partners participating in the project. Including 04 universities in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Laos; 02 universities in Vietnam are University of Natural Sciences – Hanoi National University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry. Ho Chi Minh City with European and Vietnamese organizations, associations, businesses.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi, representative of the University of Natural Sciences, said

Representative of University of Natural Sciences, GS. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi affirmed that the school will provide maximum support for international cooperation projects in general and plastic management and recycling project in particular. The professor also said that after the start-up ceremony, the project will visit some plastic treatment plants in Vietnam to better understand the actual situation of plastic recycling in Vietnam, thereby giving solutions. Good solution in ensuring quality, safety and efficiency for plastic recycling.

Delegates discussed about the project

In the framework of the Ceremony, the project received the attention and exchange from delegates and newspapers to attend the ceremony. Representatives of the partners actively answered those questions and shared more deeply about the project’s activities and objectives.

Project Director – GS. Stefan Petrus Salhofer answered the press and delegates

Speaking and answering the press at the ceremony, Project Director – GS. Stefan Petrus Salhofer, University of Vienna’s Natural Resources and Science Life, Austria, said the project aims to promote recycling, plastic reuse, waste reduction and environmental impact; focus on training, improving research level, awareness of people, managers as well as plastic recycling companies. Professor stressed that the production of plastics worldwide increased rapidly (from 15 million tons in 1964 to 311 million tons in 2014). In parallel with the increase in production is the uncontrolled increase of plastics emissions into the environment. Of the 53% of all plastics produced are recovered, 10% is reused, 10% is burned, the remaining 33% is buried.

“With the participation of 10 partners, including the University of Natural Sciences, VNU and Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry. Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, we believe the project will be successful, ”said the Project Director.

Mr. Thomas Schuller-Gotzburg – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Austria and Mrs. Catja Majborn Goodhew, representative of the Embassy of Denmark speaking at the ceremony

03 general objectives of the project: (1) Supporting universities in Vietnam and Laos in modernizing and improving higher education at the levels of training engineers, bachelors, technicians by How to set up the concept of education about plastic recycling and waste management. (2) Improving the ability to graduate after graduation and the entrepreneurial spirit of graduates and staff of schools. (3) Connecting the academic and industrial world in the field of waste management.

06 main activities of the project: (1) Modernizing the existing curriculum. (2) Establishing two regional training centers for people working in plastic recycling. (3) Training network for waste recycling. (4) Trainers training program. (5) Bringing the concept of sustainable development into waste management course in Master’s training. (6) Improve skills and qualifications for waste management and technology transfer experts.

09 main milestones of the project: (1) Start the project. (2) Draft training frameworks and programs (3) Draft, model building for regional training centers. (4) Develop new training methods and techniques for universities in Vietnam and Laos. (5) Development of sustainable concepts. (6) Implement training programs. (7) Establish training centers. (8) Establishing an inter-national training network. (9) End the project.

Representatives of partners answered delegates and newspapers at the ceremony

In the modernization of the existing curriculum, the modules will be built on the extensive experience of European partner universities in this area and meet the specific requirements of the schools. University and students each country. These activities aim to improve the employability of graduates and prepare them for future challenges related to waste management (focusing on plastic recycling). In addition to technical aspects, business skills such as economic issues such as accounting, business administration, personnel planning and resources, business plan development, project management will be stressed.

The project director presented the project details

The following Bachelor and Master’s programs of the University of Natural Sciences are identified as targets for inclusion in the subjects of plastic recycling and waste management: Bachelor / Master of Advanced Materials Science progress and environment; Bachelor / Master of Environmental Chemistry; Bachelor / Master of Chemical Engineering; Bachelor / Master of Environmental Science. In addition, a Master’s program in pollution and environmental pollution prevention will be updated directly by the new module.

Representatives of the National University of Laos presented at the ceremony

The establishment of two regional-scale training centers for people working in the field of plastic recycling serves as the basis for continuous career development (CPD) for recycling companies and authorities. in the area. This will be within the framework of cooperation with European universities and implementation at a University in Vietnam and a university in Laos. Centers provide courses and certificates at different levels (Master, University, College) and different fields: waste collection and recycling technology, emission control and management business treatment. Regional training centers serve as knowledge centers for plastic recycling. Regional training centers aim to link universities, companies and businesses operating in the field of plastic recycling. The goal is to provide modern knowledge for students to improve competitiveness and business skills.

CITENCO’s representative answered the delegates and the press

In addition to training for students and students at partner universities in Vietnam and Laos, the program also contributes to improving the skills and qualifications of waste management professionals. technology transfer for waste management companies, recycling and waste collection facilities as well as state management agencies. The program is conducted through the provision of courses required and the needs of the students. The curriculum framework is built on the experience and skills of European partners in the field of waste management and plastic recycling, specific requirements defined by local partners. Relatively diverse forms of training include distance learning, direct training at production facilities, recycling companies, and management agencies … Courses aim to communicate in a maximum way the knowledge needed, the skills needed for the students. The selection of the program and the training method will be based on a detailed review of the facilities, facilities and specific conditions of each production facility and each locality separately. Training certificates will be provided to students after each course. Vietnamese experts at the University of Natural Sciences, VNU and Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry. Ho Chi Minh City will participate in training, instructing students to proficiently use necessary machines and equipment in the field of plastic recycling. The University of Natural Sciences provides the facilities and facilities necessary for distance learning. Experts on the Vietnamese side will also design recycling-themed contests to enhance public awareness and interest in plastic recycling activities.

Representative of City University of Industry HCM

Experts at Lao National University mainly participate in theoretical training, helping students have a solid scientific foundation on plastic recycling. Experts from European universities will be in charge of the deep expertise of the course and the management of promotional website …

Representative of University of Natural Sciences, VNU

10 project partners:


1 BOKU University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

(Vienna University of Natural Resources and Science)



2 TUD Dresden University of Technology

(Dresden University of Technology)



3 AAU Aalborg University

(Aalborg University)



4 IUH Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City

(HCM City Industrial University)



5 HUS University of Science, Vietnam National University Hanoi

(VNU University of Science)




(Ho Chi Minh City Urban Environment Company Limited)



7 NUL National University of Laos

(Lao National University)



8 VNCPC Cleaner Production Center Company

(Vietnam Cleaner Production Center)



9 GREEN Green Environment Import

(Green Environment Import-Export Company)



10 CO. LTD. 26.3 Footwear Company Limited 26.3 KT



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