The selection of modules, courses and educational products for academic education and CPD for “South East Asia – Europe Network for building training and education capacities in Plastic Recycling in Laos and Vietnam (SEA-PLASTIC-EDU)” are mainly developed from the results of the Stakeholder workshop, which was held in Hanoi, Vietnam on the 23rd May 2018. This Stakeholder Workshop had engaged the stakeholders from different sectors both internal and external partners who are directly and indirectly affected by the project, those who have interests in the plastic recycling sector both in Laos and Vietnam. This workshop was conducted in a setting where each stakeholder can express their visions, perceptions, opinions, ideas toward the issues, getting to know the existing conditions, what could be improved and developed and at the end to identify the gaps and needs in the plastic recycling aspects which is not only limit for academic setting but as well as for the business setting in Laos and Vietnam. Additionally, the selection of courses also derived from the following up questionnaires correspondents of the relevant stakeholders in Vietnam as well as the results from the information gathered from the ‘Country and the city profile’.

Therefore, the three main modules were selected for both academic and the CPD as foreseen to be suitable for the conditions in Laos and in Vietnam. There is more focus on theoretical courses for academic students and where CPD has less theoretical courses but emphasize more on the practical courses. The three modules are covering on the environmental impacts with special emphasis on waste topics; Plastic management – theoretical knowledge transfer and lastly the Plastic Management – Practical knowledge transfer.


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