Project Kick-off Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam





Kick-off Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam

22nd – 25th May, 2018



The official kick-off meeting of SEA-PLASTIC-EDU project was host by the Hanoi University of Sciences, Hanoi, Vietnam. Hereby, presented the project universities partners from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Laos and Vietnam, the local business partners and the representatives from European delegations, researchers and students, external stakeholders and media.

The meeting aimed to bring together all project partners to discuss the project implementation plans, Work Packages, how to achieve the project objective and provide the project overview to the relevant stakeholders who have interests in the Plastic Recycling sectors.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi, HUS – Opening Speech

Assoc.Prof. Stefan Salhofer – Press Conferences



All partners of the project consortium

The main objectives of SEA-PLASTIC-EDU project are supporting the universities in Laos and Vietnam to modernize and internationalize the academic and non-academic education by introducing education concept for waste management and plastic recycling. Furthermore, it is also aiming to create and improve the dialogue between the academic and the practical world of enterprises as well as supporting the organization in the areas of plastic recycling in and between Laos, Vietnam and the EU.

The project was successfully engaged the stakeholders and the media during the press conference where participants showed high interests toward the project by asking questions and sharing their experiences and expertise in the field of plastic recycling.

Furthermore, the kick off meeting have reached a fruitful discussion among all project partners where the two essential aspects were discussed 1) an internal training for the consortium members on financial and contractual management of the project and 2) the Working Packages on the activities and subsequent discussion which are: WP1: Preparation, WP2: University-Enterprise collaboration and training hubs, WP3: Academic Education, WP5: Teaching tools and techniques, WP6: Project monitoring and Quality assurance, WP7: Dissemination and Exploitation, WP8: Project Management and Coordination. The mutual understandings of the project activities and timeline have been reached and development progress will be further discussed in the 2nd Preparatory Meeting which will be held in Vientiane Capital, Laos in September, 2018.


The Stakeholder Workshop was also organized during the kick off meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam in order to bring the stakeholders together to discuss and identify the gaps and needs in the given topics related to the plastic recycling aspects in Laos and Vietnam. The participants were divided into two groups which one group was conducted in Vietnamese and another group was conducted in English and Laotian. There were moderators presented to facilitate the discussion and documents the ideas and opinions from the stakeholders.

After the discussion, the ideas were summarized and translated into English from both groups. Furthermore, the further questionnaire will be developed and sent out to other stakeholders who were not be able to attend (particularly on the Vietnamese stakeholders) to collect more information and insight of the plastic recycling sector in Vietnam.

Topic 1: Top priorities in plastic recycling education (Lao/Vietnam)

  1. What are your highest values in the plastic recycling education?
  2. Are these priorities in urgent need of actions?

Topic 2: Gaps and needs in education at University level (Laos/Vietnam)

    1. Who are the target students (which faculties)?
    2. What content should be added in the future? More general content like waste management or specific topics?
    3. What kind of expertise (profile) is needed?

Topic 3: Strengths, opportunities and challenges in the plastic recycling sector (Laos/Vietnam)

  1. What strengths do you see in the plastic recycling sector?
  2. What opportunities do you see in the short/long term development?
  3. What are the potential of plastic recycling sector do you see in the country comparing to others?

Stakeholders discussion

Topic 4: Potentials to improve Plastic recycling capacities within the educational sphere (Laos/Vietnam)

  1. Are there specific trainings your organization needs?
  2. Which skills are missing at Continuous Professional Development (CPD) level?
  3. What are the specific needs in education and training for entrepreneurship?



During the kick-off meeting, the project partners got an opportunity to have a site visit to KHAI THANH company, to see the plastic recycling process of the company and then visiting the craft village where is it more small scale and a household unit for plastic recycling.

                      Site visit at KHAI THANH company


Site visit at Craft Village in Dong Mau village, Yen Dong commune,

Yen Lac district, Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam.

There are approximately 1.000 labors, 200 households who are currently working at the craft village. They are working with all kind of plastics in term of plastic waste collection and/or recycling with nearly 60.000 tonnes of plastic waste per year. The current process are including: storage/pile up, sorting, cutting, shredding, washing, drying and packaging. At the current stage, there is no further improvement of the facilities due to problems have not mitigated yet, such as environmental pollutions (solid waste, waste water), no wastewater treatment system, solid waste dumps around the village.

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