Hanoi University of Science (HUS), Vietnam National University

Hanoi University of Science (HUS), Vietnam National University

No.334 Nguyen Trai Str., Thanh Xuan Distr., Hanoi, Vietnam


The Training Hub established in Hanoi as part of SEA-PLASTIC-EDU project will be organised and functionaised by the VNU Key Lab of Advanced Material for Green Growth (KLAMAG), University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi which is the leading education and research institution in Vietnam focusing on natural sciences including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, nuclear technology, bio-technology, environmental chemistry and earth sciences.

This Training Hub focusing on high-quality education and research on plastic-waste recycling and waste management will be located in Hoa Lac campus, a new one with around 1,000 ha of the Vietnam National University, Hanoi, and about 30 min by car from Hanoi centre.

The Training Hub in Hoa Lac campus is planned to recruit 9 employees, including 2 administrators, 2 Researchers, 2 Lecturers, 2 Lab. Technicians and 1 secretary. The centre offers different specialized modules for undergraduates from Vietnam National University, Hanoi, and professionals from non-academic sectors. Some examples of courses can be list as the following: “Occupational safety in Plastics Industry”, “Plastic waste management in circular economy”, “Plastics separation techniques”, “Plastic recycling techniques”, “Pollution control in Plastic recycling”, “bio-based plastics”, “Plastics properties and analytical methods”

In addition to the education, the Training Hub will be also a platform to support research activities regarding plastic recycling and waste management, to connect researchers in Vietnam with international, and to disseminate top findings and progress in the field of plastic waste reduction.

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